This page shows some of the major projects that I am working on.



µGFX is one of my main projects. It’s a library to drive displays and touchscreens from embedded systems with very limited resources such as a microcontroller. Furthermore the library optionally provides advanced features such as a complete GUI toolkit, file system support, audio support and many other things.

Please visit the projects home page to learn more about µGFX:

µGFX on a NIOS-II processor running in an Altera Cyclone-IV FPGA



In contrast to µGFX which is no longer just a hobby project but Elixpad still is. Elixpad is a software tool that tries to provide one environment for any task: Simple text editing, creating a web-site, making a grocery list or doing full-blown embedded development.

Please visit the project home page to learn more about Elixpad:

A screenshot of Elixpad while using it for some STM32 firmware development.


Waveform Generator

I’m working on a fully arbitrary waveform generator that can either be controller via USB from your computer or from the built-in touchscreen. However, this project is far from finished. You can take a look at the blog to learn more about it. The picture below shows the currently existing prototype without the touchscreen module.

First prototype
First prototype