New Test Gear

Last month I reached deep into my pocket to buy some new test and measuring equipment. I bought a new oscilloscope and a new multimeter from Keysight (formerly known as Agilent Technologies).
Note: This article is not going to be a review of any kind.


The oscilloscope I bought is a Keysight DSO-X 2022A. It’s a two channel 200 MHz 2 GSa/s scope.scope_dsox_2022a I got lucky and could buy it together with the app bundle as part of a special offer from Farnell. The app bundle does include all the software analyzers for SPI, I2C, UART and so on. Furthermore the app bundle included a memory upgrade, segmented memory acquisition and the waveform generator. The scope with the app bundle only cost like 100€ more than without the app bundle. Buying all the apps separately would have cost at least another 2’000€ so it was a real bargain and I couldn’t resist. Sadly the digital logic analyzer was not included in the app bundle and I haven’t bought it (yet) as it costs about 800€.


The multimeter I decided to buy is the Keysight 34461A bench DMM. This is the replacement for the famous 34401A that was the industry standard bench multimeter for the last 20 years.
keysight_34461a Beside the awesome specs this meter provides a lot of neat features such as displaying a trend graph and histograms.
Sadly my pocket wasn’t deep enough to buy two of these puppies but I am pretty sure that I’ll order a second one within the next three months. It’s just so convenient to be able to measure current and voltage at the same time.

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