DE1-SoC Project Template

Earlier this week I received a DE1-SoC development board from Terasic. It took me quite a long time to get a simple HelloWorld application running as the chip on this board fuses a DualCore ARM Cortex-A9 with the latest Cyclone V FPGA from Altera into a single package.

DE1-Soc board from Terasic
DE1-SoC board from Terasic

I tried for a long time to clean up and strip down the provided Verilog example while also converting it to a VHDL project. However, in the end I didn’t succeed and as I wanted to learn as much as possible about this new platform I decided to create a new project from scratch. The result is a clean, bare minimum HelloWorld project that lets you flash some LEDs that are connected to the FPGA from a Linux user space C program that runs on the HPS.
In order to save you some headache I attached the project template below. Feel free to use this on your own risk.

By the way, another big benefit from this project that was created from scratch is that it uses the newest Quartus-II version (14.0). The projects provided by Terasic were all built using Quartus-II 13.1 and I found some smaller issues during working with them. For example, the QSys components were not always compatible and had to be converted etc.


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