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Improvised: Dummy Load

So I was in need of a small dummy load that can handle a few watts to test a small SMPS. I couldn’t wait until the holidays and the following weekend were over so I had to improvise something using components I had laying around. As I stopped etching my own PCBs at home I […]

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Power supply fan upgrade

If you’ve read my previous post you’ll know that I already own some pretty fancy equipment. One of the less fancy things that I own is a rather cheap bench power supply, the Tenma 72-10500. It’s just a re-branded Korad power supply. While being cheap these power supplies still offer great value for your money. […]

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New Test Gear

Last month I reached deep into my pocket to buy some new test and measuring equipment. I bought a new oscilloscope and a new multimeter from Keysight (formerly known as Agilent Technologies). Note: This article is not going to be a review of any kind. Oscilloscope The oscilloscope I bought is a Keysight DSO-X 2022A. […]

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