Author: Joel Bodenmann

Rendering QGraphicsItem into QPixmap

I was in need of rendering a QGraphicsItem into a QPixmap outside of the QGraphics framework. Although the final solution is simple, it took me a while to get it right. As Google wasn’t much of a help here I decided to publish my solution to the problem here.

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Improvised: Dummy Load

So I was in need of a small dummy load that can handle a few watts to test a small SMPS. I couldn’t wait until the holidays and the following weekend were over so I had to improvise something using components I had laying around. As I stopped etching my own PCBs at home I […]

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DE1-SoC: Using SSH keys

The standard Linux SD-Card images that you can get for the DE1-SoC board from the Terasic website have the SSH daemon enabled by default. Through this SSH connection it is possible to log in from a remote terminal or upload files SCP. However, by default you always have to enter a password. This short guide […]

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